Appellate Practice – Financial

Regardless of the substantive legal issues or practice areas, our appellate attorneys have extensive appellate experience in all aspects of the appeals process in all the jurisdictions in which we practice.  Our appellate lawyers understand the rules governing when appeals are permissible or mandatory, and what appellate briefs and records must contain.  In order to properly prosecute or defend an appeal, counsel must be well versed at analyzing and summarizing the trial record and presenting the record in a persuasive manner to ensure an effective appellate argument.  It also should be mentioned that appellate practice does not begin with a notice of appeal.  The risk adverse client is well served to have skilled appellate counsel involved at the trial level as well to mitigate the risk of appellate issues and to ensure the proper   Our appellate lawyers have represented both bank and non-bank financial institutions in diverse appellate issues impacting the financial services industry.

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