13 May, 2024

Atlanta-Hub Partner Josie Harris-Walton Rescues Client From A Deceitful Tax Scheme


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We are thrilled to share a recent success story that highlights our commitment to protecting our clients' interests and fighting against fraudulent practices. In a recent case involving one of our clients, we were able to achieve a significant victory that not only saved her $157,575.19, but also had a wrongful tax lien removed.

In February 2015, our client was approached by a friend who had seen an advertisement by tax preparers promising refunds for mortgage payments made to her mortgage company. Trusting in the advice of her friend and the promises made by the tax preparers, client sought their assistance in filing her 2014 tax return.

Little did she know, she was unknowingly drawn into a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by individuals later charged and indicted for tax fraud. These individuals filed false tax returns on behalf of their clients, falsely claiming refunds based on fabricated information. Our client unfortunately, became a victim of this deceitful scheme.

The fraudulent tax return filed on behalf of our client included a falsified 1099-MISC form, showing tax withholdings of $197,770 and additional income of $291,670 supposedly from her mortgage company. Despite the fraudulent nature of these claims, the IRS initially failed to remove client's tax liability, leaving her burdened with unjust charges.

However, our dedicated team intervened on behalf of client, tirelessly advocating for her rights, and challenging the validity of the tax lien. Through meticulous examination of the case and thorough legal representation, we successfully demonstrated to the IRS that she was indeed a victim of fraud and should not be held liable for the fabricated tax claims.

As a result of our efforts, the IRS not only removed the erroneous withholding amount of $197,770 but also acknowledged the fraudulent nature of the entire 1099-MISC form. This crucial victory not only cleared client of unjust tax liabilities but also resulted in a savings of $$157,575.19, providing her with the relief and justice she rightfully deserved.

The client had been in a battle with the IRS to resolve this tax issue since 2021, without success. By 2023, realizing she could no longer navigate the fight alone, she sought our assistance.

This case serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients' well-being and our relentless pursuit of justice. We remain dedicated to fighting against fraud and injustice, ensuring that our clients receive the fair treatment and representation they deserve.

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