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Managing Partner

Las Vegas Office

2850 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, Suite 200

Henderson, Nevada 89052

Telephone: (702) 751-3003

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Additional Bar Admissions of Note

State: California (inactive), Massachusetts (inactive), New Jersey (inactive), District of Columbia (inactive)

Federal: District of Nevada, Southern, Eastern, Northern and Western Districts of New York, Central and Eastern Districts of California, District of New Jersey, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court

About Adam Garth

Adam Garth is the managing partner of the Las Vegas, Nevada office at Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A. With over three decades of legal experience, Mr. Garth is recognized for his expertise in complex commercial litigation and liability defense, particularly in the areas of medical malpractice defense for physicians, health care providers, hospitals, and medical organizations.

Mr. Garth brings a unique approach to his litigation practice, aggressively defending health providers and facilities by pursuing all possible avenues for early case disposition and forcing those pursuing a case to adhere to all legal requirements, laws and rules.  His approach is to relentlessly pursue the rights of his clients by whatever legal and ethical means are necessary and available to achieve a favorable result.

As a seasoned trial lawyer, Mr. Garth is deeply involved in all aspects of litigation. His practice includes pre-trial preparation, conducting depositions, handling discovery and dispositive motions, and representing clients at hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and settlement negotiations for all forms of medical professional liability claims.  He is known for his appearances before administrative and licensing boards for health care providers throughout Nevada, where he tirelessly advocates on behalf of medical professionals and healthcare providers, addressing licensing board actions and complaints.  Additionally, Mr. Garth provides counsel to health care providers regarding employment contract negotiations and the formation of their respective professional corporations., to secure them the most advantageous compensation packages possible for his clients while advising on their rights and obligations.

Prior to relocating to Nevada, he was similarly engaged in health care liability defense litigation in California.  In addition to his prior litigation practice in California, Mr. Garth served as a Temporary Judge in both the Fresno Superior Court and the Los Angeles Superior Court, presiding over a wide range of cases on a voluntary basis, including small claims and traffic matters.

Before relocating out West, Mr. Garth was an extremely diverse practitioner in New York, serving as both a litigator and later as a principal law clerk to a New York State Supreme Court Justice. In this role, he acted as the primary legal advisor to the judge, handling diverse civil litigation matters, such as personal injury, matrimonial, products liability, medical malpractice, municipal, tax certiorari, contract and commercial litigation, real estate and land use disputes, and residential and commercial foreclosure proceedings. He reviewed all ex parte submissions and played a crucial role in settlement conferences, jury charge conferences, status conferences, pre-trial conferences, and preliminary conferences.  Additionally, Mr. Garth authored thousands of decisions on a broad range of civil litigation matters on the judge's behalf.  Attorneys on both sides regularly sought his intervention for speedy, fair and effective resolutions to complex cases.  As a result, his judicial part disposed of more cases by more than 50% over and above any other judicial officer in a five-county suburban New York City judicial department.  His many years of practical legal experience afforded him a unique ability to effectively and efficiently dispose of a vast range of matters while at the same time dispensing due justice to the litigants.

Prior to his entry in the New York State court system, Mr. Garth's private practice primarily focused on catastrophic plaintiff's personal injury cases and products liability cases engaging in the full litigation spectrum from inception to disposition.

As the managing attorney for multiple law offices for nearly seven years, Mr. Garth was a key resource for new and experienced attorneys, providing them with invaluable legal strategies and guidance. He spearheaded a comprehensive reorganization of his previous firm's personnel and protocols, spanning from pre-litigation to trial. His leadership extended to the supervision of a professional and paraprofessional staff of over sixty employees, ensuring efficient case management. Mr. Garth personally reviewed all cases and formulated litigation plans for each, further solidifying his reputation as a strategic legal thinker. He has also skillfully prosecuted and defended various commercial and contract litigation matters for individuals and corporations in both State and Federal Courts. He has often been referred to as the "lawyer's lawyer" by providing an avenue for the firm's attorneys to consult on a regular basis.

Mr. Garth earned his Juris Doctor degree from Syracuse University College of Law in 1991 in Syracuse, New York where he served on the executive board of the Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce.  He graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts in 1988.

He is licensed to practice law in Nevada, California (inactive), New York, Massachusetts (inactive), New Jersey (inactive), and the District of Columbia (inactive). He is admitted to the United States District Courts for the Southern, Eastern, Northern and Western Districts of New York, District of New Jersey, Central and Eastern Districts of California, District of Nevada, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and United States Supreme Court. Outside of his legal practice, Mr. Garth remains actively engaged in the legal community. He serves as Vice Chair of the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board for the State Bar of Nevada, charged with screening ethics complaints made against attorneys as well as hearing attorney disciplinary matters and recommending warranted disciplinary action against attorneys violating the State's ethical rules and requirements, demonstrating his commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards within the legal profession. Additionally, he has lent his expertise as a Mock Trial Program Attorney Coach for California State University in Fresno, nurturing the next generation of legal professionals.

Representative Matters:

Personally Litigated Cases

Ly-Carter v. Macagy, 2019 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 6864 (Court of Appeal of California, Fifth Appellate District, 2019)

Cruci v. General Electric Co., 33 AD3d 838, 824 NYS2d 105 (2nd Dept. 2006)

Torres v. W.J. Woodward Const., Inc., 32 AD3d 847, 821 NYS2d 617 (2nd Dept. 2006)

Gatewood v. Poughkeepsie Housing Auth., 28 AD3d 515, 813 NYS2d 203 (2nd Dept. 2006)

Schmidt v. DiPerno, 25 AD3d 545, 808 N.Y.S.2d 413 (2nd Dept., 2006)

Clark v. N-H Farms, Inc., 15 AD3d 605, 791 NYS2d 122 (2nd Dept. 2005)

Lithgow v. London Park Realty Corp., 6 AD3d 668, 776 NYS2d 586 (2nd Dept. 2004)

Tormey v. Shell Oil Company, et al., 309 AD2d 856, 766 NYS2d 73 (2nd Dept. 2003)

Moriarty v. Minisink Valley Central School District, 300 AD2d 637, 751 NYS2d 792 (2nd Dept 2002)

Glickman v. City of New York, et al., 297 AD2d 220, 746 NYS2d 24 (1st Dept 2002)

Lancaster v. St. Luke's Hospital, 295 AD2d 321, 744 NYS2d 334 (2nd Dept 2002)

Rodriguez v. New York City Housing Authority, 194 AD2d 460, 599 NYS2d 263 (1st Dept 1993)

Singh v. Barrett, 192 AD2d 378, 596 NYS2d 45 (1st Dept 1993)

Urrea v. Sedgwick Avenue Assoc., 191 AD2d 319, 595 NYS2d 46 (1st Dept 1993)Fernandez v. MHP Land Assoc., 188 AD2d 417, 591 NYS2d 835 (1st Dept 1992)

Published Judicial Opinions

Maiola v. Velazco, 12 Misc3d 1179(A), 2006 WL 1867330 (Sup. Orange, 2006)

Hirschfeld ex rel. Calo v. Carpinello, 12 Misc3d 749, 815 NYS2d 420 (Sup. Orange, 2006)

Olmoz v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 11 Misc3d 1084(A), 2006 WL 1061784 (Sup. Orange, 2006)

Bienaime v. Reyer, 11 Misc3d 1060(A), 2006 WL 565890 (Sup. Orange, 2006)

Perkins v Gervis, 11 Misc3d 1061(A), 2006 WL 584426 (Sup. Orange, 2006)

Dieudonne v Bartoni, 27 Misc3d 1225(A), 2010 WL 2024754 (Sup. Orange 2010)

Houck v. Simoes, 27 Misc3d 1227(A), 2010 WL 2074659 (Sup. Orange 2010)

Torres v. Torrano, 36 Misc3d 1211(A), 2010 WL 8752028 (Sup. Orange 2010)

U.S. Bank National Association v Culver, 27 Misc3d 1233(A), 2010 WL 2326598 (Sup. Orange 2010)

Schwimmer v Lincoln National Life Insurance Co., 31 Misc3d 1214(A), 2011 WL 1467640 (Sup. Orange 2011)

Ruocco v L-K Bennett Enterprises LLC, 31 Misc3d 1214(A), 2011 WL 1466685 (Sup. Orange 2011)

Turnbull v Powell, 35 Misc3d 1226(A), 2012 WL 1816198 (Sup. Orange 2012)

Munoz v Rubino, 37 Misc3d 1216(A), 2010 WL 5359210 (Sup. Orange 2012)

Busweiler v MCB Partnership, 37 Misc3d 1216(A), 2012 WL 5356173 (Sup. Orange 2012)

Barber v Cornell University Co-op. Extension of Orange County, 37 Misc3d 1217(A), 2012 WL 5392228 (Sup. Orange 2012)

State Farm Ins. Co. v Klare, 37 Misc3d 1216(A), 2012 WL 5359211 (Sup. Orange 2012)

State Farm Ins. Co. v Wrubleski, 37 Misc3d 1216(A), 2012 WL 5356199 (Sup. Orange 2012)

DeStefano v Grasso, 37 Misc3d 1216(A), 2012 WL 5356277 (Sup. Orange 2012)

Edwards v City of Middletown, 39 Misc3d 869 (Sup. Orange 2013)

Areas of Practice

  • Automotive Liability
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Liability
  • Business and Commercial Litigation
  • General Litigation
  • Health Care Provider Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Health Care Provider Corporate Formation
  • Medical Malpractice Defense
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Malpractice Defense


Syracuse University College of Law, J.D. (1991)

Tufts University, B.A., magna cum laude (1988)

Bar Admissions


New York

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