Your Legal Partner
in Construction Transactions and Mergers & Acquisitions

We understand the complexities and opportunities within the construction industry. Our Construction Transactions and M&A team is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled legal services to contractors and construction companies across the United States.

Building a Prosperous Future for Construction-Based Business

Address the Stress of High-Value Transactions

We are proud to highlight our involvement in significant deals, such as multi-million dollar M&A for one of the nation's largest roofing contractors. Our role extends beyond litigation, encompassing comprehensive legal services that achieve your transactional needs.

Handle Supplier Contract Negotiation with Care

Our team, led by industry experts like Mark and Michael Clouser, excels in negotiating supplier contracts, ensuring you benefit from significant rebates and optimal terms. We understand the nuances of these negotiations and are committed to maximizing your financial returns.

Provide Detailed Completion Contracts for Direct Consumers

We specialize in crafting Completion Contracts that safeguard your interests in warranty claims and insurance matters, particularly in high-stakes scenarios like hurricane damage repairs setting the expectation for you and your customers as you move towards completion.

Standardized Annual Contract Reviews

Our team conducts thorough annual inspections of your contracts, offering valuable recommendations and updates in line with the latest case law and contract law developments.

Navigating Complex Legal Landscapes

We are at the forefront of addressing challenging legal frameworks, such as Florida's lien statutes and indemnity provisions, advocating for your interests at every level.

Meticulous Insurance Policy Review and Verification

We offer meticulous review and verification of insurance policies, ensuring your subcontractors are adequately covered, thereby mitigating your risk.

Expert-Driven Board Presentations and Lien Statute Training

Our services include boardroom presentations and training sessions on current construction trends and legal updates, ensuring you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Michael A. Clouser
Partner | West Palm Beach

1475 Centrepark Blvd., Suite 130

West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Telephone: (717) 805-1465


Mark E. Clouser
Partner | Los Angles

500 North Brand Blvd., Suite 1650

Glendale, California 91203

Telephone: (717) 503-3668


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