04 January, 2024

Determined Defense Successfully Secures Win For Emergency Physician, Narrowing the Scope of Allegations for Medical Battery In Federal Court


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Quintairos, Prieto, Wood, & Boyer, P.A., Scottsdale-Hub Partner, Dominique Barrett, Associate, Ryan T. Bradway, and Paralegal, Josette Medina-Greene's strategically prepared and tenaciously pursued a successful defense, resulting in a favorable verdict after a comprehensive four-day trial in Federal Court.

Highlights of the Case

  • Ryan T. Bradway, Associate, played a significant role in the thorough preparation of the trial brief.
  • Josette Medina-Greene, Paralegal, provided invaluable support to lead Dominique, Partner, ensuring she had everything necessary for the trial.
  • The Emergency Physician treated the patient with antipsychotics during a police confrontation in the emergency department.
  • Due to this, Claims against the hospital, police, and the physician were made for Medical Battery, False Imprisonment, and Punitive Damages.
  • QPWB successfully argued the physician's duty for safety, separated roles, and focused on the "safety of the patient and others".
  • This resulted in an obtained favorable verdict in a four-day Federal Court trial.

Claims Made Against the Client

  • Medical Battery: Allegations that the physician engaged in medical battery by administering an antipsychotic medication to the patient without proper consent or justification.
  • False Imprisonment: Claims that the physician was involved in false imprisonment, possibly related to the patient being restrained or detained against their will during the confrontation in the emergency department.
  • Punitive Damages: The pursuit of punitive damages suggests that the plaintiff sought additional compensation beyond actual damages, aiming to punish the defendant (the Emergency Physician) for alleged wrongdoing.

Landmark Achievements

  • QPWB strategically argued that the Emergency Physician's duty was to ensure safety, emphasizing his role in diffusing the situation during the confrontation in the emergency department.
  • The firm enlisted an Emergency Physician expert to testify about the proper use of Haldol and medical testing, reinforcing the physician's commitment to the safety of everyone involved.
  • QPWB successfully separated the roles of the physician, police, and patient, highlighting the patient's conduct as the primary cause of the events.
  • The consistent theme throughout the case was the "safety of the patient and others," guiding all witness questioning during the trial and reinforcing the defense's narrative.

Executing our Motto to Lawyer Differently

  • In essence, QPWB's distinctive combination of strategic thinking, expertise, effective teamwork, precedent-setting achievements, thematic consistency, and client-centric focus collectively contributed to setting us apart in our mission to Lawyer Differently(R) for all past, current, and future clients.

Setting a Precedent for Future Clients

  • This victory not only establishes a significant precedent but also serves to refine the parameters of medical battery allegations for upcoming clients represented by QPWB.
  • We will Lawyer Differently(R) for you in all areas of practice.

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