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End to End Default Legal Services

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QPWB, through its Business, Financial Services & Real Estate Division, represents a wide range of both servicers and bank and non-bank mortgage holders throughout the firm’s geographic footprint.  Services include all areas of law that arise and relate to end to end default legal services and creditor’s rights.  Regardless of the legal issue, our team has both the ability and capacity to handle any issue that arises in the life cycle of a defaulted loan facility.  Our default legal services department has been recognized by loan servicers and investors for outstanding performance and our score-cards support that we are among top performing firms in the jurisdictions in which we practice.  Our default services team continues to evolve and grow as the industry dictates and continues to evolve in the enforcement era.

End to End Services

End to End Services

The Business, Financial Services & Real Estate Division of QPWB provides foreclosure services in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, USVI, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Chicago, Arizona, Texas, and Puerto Rico.  We maintain experienced attorneys who are well versed in all aspects of asset recovery.  From the firm’s full service practice, the attorneys engaged in foreclosure services can draw on a cross section of years of legal experience to address any issue or problem that may arise.  As we all know, the process of prosecuting a foreclosure has changed.  Our lawyers are prepared for and have seen the foreclosure defense lawyer tactic “de jour”.  Legal experience and ability has never been more important and we have the experience to get results and recover your assets in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Additionally, in today’s environment, the foreclosure process is highly scrutinized by regulators, third party auditors, and the foreclosure defense bar.  QPWB has a strict policy of ensuring that verified pleadings and affidavits are carefully reviewed and given by the appropriate client representatives and further reviewed by the responsible counsel of record.  QPWB also implements strict, uniform, and centralized quality control procedures that provide for a smooth process when our clients’ vendor management or approval teams are required to interact with the firm’s various offices.

The Division’s Mortgage and Consumer Litigation team represents bank and non-bank clients throughout the United Stated in both the prosecution of high-risk and high-value loan enforcement cases and in the defense of claims arising out of the alleged violations of consumer protection based statutory schemes.  Examples of the areas in which we practice in mortgage and consumer litigation include the following:

  • Defense of alleged unfair trade practices claims
  • Defense of alleged violations of any an all consumer protection based statutory schemes on both a state and federal level 
  • Complex mortgage litigation
  • Title related litigation

Our bankruptcy and creditors’ rights attorneys provide representation in a wide range of national bank, non-bank, and institutional clients.  We represent creditors and only commercial debtors in bankruptcy proceedings, workouts, and debt restructurings in federal and state courts across the United States and in foreign jurisdictions.  Our team is experienced in all aspects of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights representation in bankruptcy court, which includes:

  • Cram down disputes
  • Litigation involving valuations
  • Cash collateral stipulations
  • Going out-of-business sales
  • Automatic stay litigation
  • Adversary proceedings
  • Bankruptcy appeals
  • Motions for relief
  • Objections to plans
  • Objections and proof of claim

The real estate lawyers within the Division have a strong background in all aspects of real estate law including, real estate transactions and title insurance services.  In addition to its traditional real estate practice, the Division, through its affiliated entity, Attorneys’ Title Services, LLC (ATS) (www.attorneystitleservices.us), focuses on assisting its clients with the disposition and liquidation of REO inventory. Unlike many default servicing firms that have non-lawyers supervise such activities, ATS is attorney managed and supervised and actual attorneys examine and understand the title commitment and underlying title evidence.  This oversight and supervision is provided at the typical market rates as other non-lawyer supervised or corporate owned title operations.

Evictions are often overlooked as a high-risk area of the default legal process.  Unfortunately, underestimating this component of the process can not only be expensive, but also result in the evicting party receiving unwanted negative publicity.  The eviction lawyers within the Business, Financial Services & Real Estate Division provide eviction services throughout QPWB’s geographic footprint and the process is attorney managed and supervised from beginning to end.  This attorney oversight and supervision mitigates risk and ensures the avoidance of mistakes in the eviction process and actions that can be deemed as wrongful eviction.  Additionally, in the event an eviction becomes a litigated matter, our team can see the litigation through with sound legal advice and strategy.

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