Land Use and Zoning

The lawyers at Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A., have extensive knowledge and experience representing individuals, local governments, as well as corporations in the purchase and sale and development of real property.  We have served as general counsel to local governments advising on issues relating to land use, comprehensive planning, zoning, development regulations, and code enforcement, which benefits our clients as they navigate the entitlement phase of development and can expedite the application and review process relating to modifications of existing plan requirements or zoning codes.


How QPWB Can Assist With Zoning and Land Use

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We advise and represent developers on land use and zoning issues, including but not limited to comprehensive land use amendments, zoning amendments, processing of developments of regional impact, the negotiation and adoption of site-specific design standards for planned unit/cluster developments and negotiate complex developer agreements for concurrency management mitigation for roads, schools, and other infrastructure, as well as, annexation issues.  Our attorneys regularly appear before local, state and federal agencies on behalf of their clients and have been very effective in assisting them reach their development goals.

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