12 December, 2023

Lawyer Differently Digs Deep to Impact Business and Trademark Enforcement Fostering Lasting Relationships with Retailors


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Lexington, KY -- Quintairos, Prieto, Wood, & Boyer proudly announces a groundbreaking legal triumph for a Bridal, Boutique, and Event Company in Kentucky. Associate, Ethan Johnson, Associate, Matt Wilson, and assisting paralegal, Inga Fonov, played a crucial role in securing the win of a case involving trademark infringement, trade dress issues, and business practices that threatened the client's brand and market presence.

Johnson and Wilson's Trademark Experience is Put to the Test

  • The Bridal, Boutique, and Event Company in Kentucky initially faced challenges with a previous counsel, due to this, QPWB stepped in, having experience in trademark intricacies and business disputes, and was able to showcase skill in protecting the client and resolving the trademark issues.
  • The issue at hand involved two competitors of the Company, one in Ohio and one in Kentucky, that were using the company's business name, copying branding, social media, and aesthetic themes.
  • The QPWB team was able to initiate a simple contract dispute resolution, assist in interfacing with the USPTO to finalize and rectify marks, take on the task of enforcing trademark rights against competitors, and discover discrepancies in previous counsel.

Ohio and Kentucky Competitors Converged to Create Chaos

  • The Ohio competitors created customer confusion with an identical business name

    • Resulted in full compliance with client demands by changing their business name and relinquishing all rights to infringing marks

  • The Kentucky competitors engaged in trade dress infringement, copying branding, social media, and aesthetic elements

    • Their situation posed legal challenges, however, despite difficulties, the Kentucky competitor also fully complied by relinquishing all rights and voluntarily paying $10,000 in attorneys’ fees and restitution at our attorney's request

  • Remarkably, achieved a resolution without incurring any litigation fees

Difference-Making Through a Deep Dive Into Discovery

  • QPWB team investigated Ohio competitors' customer confusion instances and emphasized social media's impact on negotiation strategy.
  • Regarding the Kentucky competitors, they were able to uncover evidence of direct copying, interviewed key players, and sent a detailed demand letter with the Colorado office on the letterhead for added leverage.

The Ultimate Impact to the Bottom-Line for the Client

  • The approach aligned legal initiatives with the client's business interests, emphasizing transparency on costs and prospects.
  • Specific data on the client's business value strengthened the demand letters.
  • The preparation for imminent litigation fostered effective settlements, ensuring a favorable outcome for the client.

Paving the Way for Future IP and Trademark Claims

  • This victory underscores QPWB's experience, commitment, and a elevated standard of care to comprehensive client support. The firm's attention to detail and responsibility to their clients addresses all business needs beyond litigation, and establishes a strong foundation for long-term relationships. Future clients can trust QPWB will set them up for success.

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