30 March, 2023

Managing Partner of QPWB Division Weighs in on A.I. in the Legal Industry


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Bryan Rotella, Founder and Managing Partner our GenCo Legal(R) division, recently appeared on the Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss the influence that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is having on the legal sector. Rotella noted that A.I. is already having a significant impact on the practice of law, specifically in areas such as legal research, document review, and even has the potential ability to predict the outcomes of legal cases in the future.

Watch and listen to the full interview here!

According to Rotella, the judicial sector is on the cusp of experiencing a significant paradigm shift. Because of the popularity of A.I., it is now something that lawyers can depend on, thanks to developments in technology such as ChatGPT to carry out responsibilities including investigation, document review, and even the forecasting of possible legal outcomes. Even though A.I. is already playing an essential role in a great number of industries, the legal industry is not yet as well prepared as other industries.

One of the primary areas of concern is the manner in which attorneys are being prepared for A.I. and how much money is being put into the schooling of legal professionals. According to Rotella, lawyers should concentrate on areas in which they can contribute value and work on developing soft skills such as communication and relationship building in addition to this. According to Rotella, "the ability to interact and the soft skills...building relationships with strangers," are essential when attempting to provide difficult legal guidance to a client. This is something that A.I. will never be able to replicate. The caring, human angle.

Even though A.I. could play a significant role in predicting legal outcomes and advising clients on the potential risks of litigation, artificial intelligence will never be able to completely replace attorneys, especially in areas such as trial cases. Training young lawyers to adapt to the new environment and focus on areas where they can contribute value will be a challenge. This will be a priority for the profession and our firm.

In order to give our clients the most effective legal representation possible, we at QPWB are dedicated to remaining one step ahead of the competition and embracing the most cutting-edge technologies. The challenge for the legal industry is to prepare for this transformation and ensure that lawyers are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in a world that is becoming increasingly automated. In an analogy that depicts experienced, successful lawyers as fighter pilots, Rotella points out, "we're not going to have any fighter pilots because the law firms are going to be using the drones to do all of the work that we've been using more junior lawyers or paralegals to do."

No matter the case, it's abundantly obvious that A.I. and other cutting-edge technologies such as ChatGPT will make a sizable contribution to the evolution of the judicial sector. As Rotella points out that in the legal industry, "we've jumped from literally the Flintstones to where we're going to be the Jetsons in about 24 to 36 months here." Despite the fact that the changes will be significant, it is essential for attorneys and law firms to welcome these changes and adjust to the new environment. QPWB is dedicated to remaining one step ahead of the competition and providing our clients with the highest level of legal support that is humanly, and technologically, possible.

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