14 December, 2023

Nevada's Most Relentless Difference-Maker Wins 4-Year Malpractice Battle Profiting for Interstate Healthcare Systems


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Las Vegas, Nevada -- @Quintairos, Prieto, Wood, & Boyer is delighted to announce a significant and well-earned legal victory for an Interstate Healthcare System. Managing Partner, Adam Garth, played a pivotal role in securing success in a four year battle regarding a medical malpractice case that was filed well beyond the statute of limitations.

Medical Malpractice Case Filed Beyond the Statute of Limitations

  1. QPWB navigated a complex legal battle involving unethical conduct, bias, and statute of limitations issues.
  2. Adam Garth filed a strategic motion for summary judgment, faced denial, and successfully appealed to the Supreme Court, resulting in case dismissal.
  3. He also offered a settlement and pursued aggressive litigation for costs, overcoming procedural challenges.
  4. Despite the jurisdictional hurdles, he was able to withdraw an appeal, obtain a $137,000 judgment, and initiate asset location proceedings.

QPWB Successfully Discredits Biased Judge

  1. Adam discredited the biased judge by strategically exposing the influence of cases similar to these and the resulting biased ruling in favor of the plaintiffs.
  2. Despite overwhelming evidence presented in a motion for summary judgment, the judge denied it based on an unsupported claim by the unethical lawyer, undermining the credibility of the judge's decision.

Healthcare System's Desires Reached through Relentless Dedication

  1. Read statutory and case authority, guiding the Supreme Court on limited issues for consideration.
  2. Demonstrated plaintiffs' failure to comply with legal procedures and deadlines, highlighting the damages caused by pursuing an untimely case.
  3. Followed through on promises, obtaining a judgment for the failed pursuit of untimely claims.
  4. Demonstrated that plaintiffs' arguments lacked proper legal analysis, challenging not only the statute of limitations but also the efficacy of the judgment.
  5. Showed opposing counsel that promises made are kept, reinforcing the credibility of warnings to discontinue.
  6. Highlighted the significance of accepting reasonable settlement offers, emphasizing the potential consequences if rejected.
  7. Successfully pursued means necessary to ensure compensation for incurred costs and fees, holding opposing counsel accountable for poorly strategized litigation.

Setting the Precedent for Future Clients

  1. Adam's demonstrated expertise and success in challenging biases and ensuring a just outcome set a precedent that paves the way for future clients.
  2. By navigating complex legal battles and exposing systemic issues, he establishes a foundation for fair treatment, fostering a more equitable legal landscape for those who seek justice in the future.
  3. This not only benefits current clients but also creates a pathway for others to receive just and unbiased treatment in their future legal endeavors.

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