March 28, 2006

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ORLANDO, FL – Trial attorneys, Edward Prieto (Miami office) and Jade Gummer (Orlando office) of Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A., achieved a defense verdict in a premises liability case on behalf of Blackout Billiards, a recreational establishment in where a patron slipped and fell sustaining a severe laceration to his right (dominant) hand.
The Plaintiff, Remerson Carvalho, contended that as a result of Defendant’s negligent maintenance of the men’s restroom, he slipped, lost his balance, and fell on the restroom stall floor. While attempting to break his fall, Plaintiff reached out and grabbed the top of a damaged porcelain commode, which had an exposed jagged edge, causing a severe laceration to his right hand. The injury required surgery and extensive rehabilitation.
The defense refuted the Plaintiff’s contentions with the testimony of the restroom attendant, who testified that the restroom in where the incident happened was very well maintained and dry at the time of the incident. The defense further contended that the Plaintiff was inebriated and damaged the top of the commode himself by dropping it to the floor. It was when the Plaintiff sought to lift the damaged commode from the floor that he cut his hand.
In addition, through medical records and testimony, the defense was able to prove that the Plaintiff had failed to disclose injuries to his right hand that he suffered in a prior auto accident. By denying any prior injury to his right hand, the Plaintiff called into question his account of the incident, creating doubt over his entire case.
At closing, Plaintiff’s counsel requested the jury to return a verdict in the amount of $300,000.00. After a short two-day trial, the Orlando jury returned a defense verdict for Blackout Billiards finding no negligence on their part.

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