13 June 2023

Major National Retailer And QPWB Associate Mehwish A. Yousuf, Win $1.5M Reduction in City Code Fines

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13 June 2023


Fort Lauderdale, FL - In a recent case, Associate Mehwish A. Yousuf of the Business, Financial Services & Real Estate Division Office of QPWB represented a major national retailer, who faced substantial fines due to non-compliance with City Codes. The violations, which occurred in 2017, led to the City of Coral Springs in Florida recording a lien on August 10, 2017, and subsequently amending the lien on August 31, 2017, to include an additional violation. By the time the violations were finally rectified on December 5, 2022, the fines had escalated to nearly $1.45 million, with additional administrative fees and costs amounting to $975.

The delay in resolving the violations was due to numerous notice issues, complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and issues with contractors and management. An application was filed to reduce the fines, and the City offered to reduce the amount to $100,200.82. However, the City was initially unwilling to reduce the fine further, citing the prolonged period of non-compliance.

Yousuf and QPWB, on behalf of the retailer, found the City's offer unacceptable and rejected the offer, setting a hearing for the reduction. The hearing took place on June 1, 2023. During the hearing, Yousuf carefully reviewed the notice issues, delays due to the state of emergency, the impact of COVID-19, and argued against the excessive fines.

Yousuf emphasized that the objective of the City and code enforcement standards is to bring properties into compliance, not to impose punitive monetary penalties on businesses. She highlighted that the retailer had made significant efforts to rectify the violations, and that three of the six were resolved within a year. Yousuf argued that the delays were largely due to factors beyond the retailer's' control, and that the fines, even when reduced to $100,000, were excessive and burdensome, particularly considering the current state of the economy.

After considering Yousuf's arguments, the Magistrate agreed to reduce the fine to $25,975.82.

This decision underscores the importance of compliance over punitive measures. The ultimate objective was to bring the property back into compliance, which was achieved in December 2022. This case serves as a testament to our commitment to defend our clients' interests and to ensure fair and equitable treatment in the face of regulatory challenges, and highlights the exceptional work of Associate Mehwish A. Yousuf.

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