26 April, 2024

QPWB Celebrates Arab-American Heritage Month: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Realm


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Tampa, FL - 4/25/24

In honor of Arab-American Heritage Month, QPWB proudly celebrates the rich cultural contributions of Arab-Americans and reaffirms its commitment to diversity and inclusion within the legal profession.

Margaret Hassan, Associate Attorney out of the Tampa-hub, shared her insights on the importance of recognizing Arab-American heritage and promoting diversity in the workplace. She emphasized the value of embracing different perspectives, stating, "Being different means stepping outside of the norm and advocating for alternative viewpoints. It's about challenging conventional thinking and offering new angles that enrich our understanding."

With a diverse background encompassing Brazilian and Palestinian heritage, Margaret highlighted the significance of cultural understanding in legal practice. "By speaking clients' languages, both linguistically and culturally, we establish trust and rapport that transcend mere legal representation," she remarked.

Arab-American Heritage Month serves as an opportunity to amplify voices that are often marginalized, as Margaret noted. "Recognizing this month is crucial for celebrating our cultural diversity and promoting inclusivity within our profession," she emphasized.

Margaret also underscored the importance of values such as respect, peace, and support, which are integral to Arab-American heritage. "These values shape our perspective as attorneys, fostering empathy and understanding in our professional interactions," she explained.

At QPWB, fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment is a top priority. Margaret highlighted the firm's commitment to authentic diversity initiatives, stating, "Authentic diversity initiatives not only foster a more inclusive work environment but also strengthen client trust. When clients see a firm that truly values diversity, it builds confidence and reinforces our commitment to serving a broad spectrum of individuals."

As QPWB continues to champion diversity and inclusion, Arab-American Heritage Month serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the myriad cultures that enrich our communities.

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