03 May, 2024

QPWB Leads Multi-Defendant Defense to Swift Verdict in High-Stakes Defamation Trial


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Fort Lauderdale-Hub Managing Partner, David M. Tarlow, and Jacksonville-Hub Managing Partner, Brian T. Bellavia, demonstrated unwavering determination that secured a favorable result as the defense meticulously presented evidence to prove the accuracy of the published statements while strategically undermining the plaintiff's claims by highlighting inconsistencies in their behavior, ultimately leading to a quick and favorable verdict for the client.

Overview of the Case

  • The plaintiff sued for defamation, alleging that false statements published by the defendants resulted in severe consequences, including threatening calls and the suicide of the plaintiff's father.
  • QPWB's defense centered on proving the truth of the statements and highlighting the plaintiff's behavior as the cause of his harm.
  • The case, spanning eight days of trial, presented the jury with a 21 interrogatory verdict form, leading to a complete defense verdict after just 1.5 hours of deliberation.

Key Difference-Makers

  • David M. Tarlow, Fort Lauderdale-Hub Managing Partner.
  • Brian Bellavia, Jacksonville-Hub Managing Partner.

Claims Made Against Our Client

  • The plaintiff alleged two separate counts of defamation.
  • Count I cited four instances of false statements published on Facebook and Twitter, while count II alleged defamation through written correspondence implying "serious sexual misconduct" sent to a third party.

Defensive Strategy

  • The defense focused on establishing the truthfulness of the published statements.
  • Our strategy involved highlighting the plaintiff's behavior and actions as the primary cause of any harm suffered.
  • QPWB presented a cohesive defense across multiple defendants, effectively showcasing our firm's capabilities.
  • The main focus was on proving the truth of the published statements and demonstrating the plaintiff's behavior as the true cause of harm.

Impact on Final Outcome

  • QPWB's approach likely influenced the final decision by providing a clear and compelling defense, leading to a swift verdict in our favor.
  • This victory not only demonstrates our firm's expertise but also sets a precedent for future clients facing similar legal challenges in defamation cases.
  • The jury's swift understanding of the defense resulted in a quick defense verdict.

Predicting the Future

  • This win not only enhances QPWB's reputation and strengthens our position in the legal market but also showcases our ability to lead and succeed in complex litigation, attracting future clients seeking effective representation in defamation cases and setting a standard for excellence in our area of practice, thus reinforcing our firm's standing in the legal community. Additionally, QPWB's leading role in every aspect of the trial demonstrated our talents and abilities against competitor law firms.

About QPWB

Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A., is the largest minority and women-owned law firm in the nation with jurisdiction in 45 states and territories in the U.S. allowing us to serve a broad spectrum of industries with over 100 areas of practice. Our lawyers provide representation for businesses and their leaders in litigation, regulatory, and corporate matters.

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