15 May, 2024

Women In Law: QPWB Associate Carolina Martin Expands Offer to Georgia with New Admission


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Carolina Martin, a dedicated and driven attorney at law, has achieved a significant milestone in her legal career by being accepted into the Georgia State Bar Association, on top of her existing Tennessee licensure. With a keen focus on Workers' Compensation and ancillary employment matters, Carolina's expertise and unwavering commitment to her clients has garnered widespread recognition within the legal community. Ms. Martin is recognized in Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch(TM) in the areas of insurance law, personal injury litigation for defendants, and workers' compensation law for employers (2021-2023). Her admission into the Georgia State Bar Association underscores her dedication to upholding the highest standards of legal excellence and serving the needs of her clients with utmost diligence and professionalism.

Upon learning of her acceptance into the Georgia Bar, Carolina was invited to share insights into her career journey and the motivations that fuel her ongoing professional development and growth. While telling her story, she hit on a few themes, such as her lifelong love of learning, which motivated her to make the move to obtain licensure outside of her home state of Tennessee.  

"Part of the reason why I thought I wanted to be admitted to the Georgia Bar was personal. I've been practicing for almost 10 years, and you know, when you're doing the same thing over and over again, it becomes second nature. It's easy to do, but the challenge is gone. Sometimes you have some challenges that are specific to a case, but I enjoy learning, and I enjoy expanding my knowledge base. Getting licensed in another state now gives me a reason to learn the law that's specific to that state, and the procedures and the rules."

Carolina's love of learning and dedication to putting herself out there has been not only a way for her career to grow but how it started in the first place. Originally from Brazil, Carolina immigrated to Florida when she was 16. 

"My whole existence pretty much has been not conventional. I was born in Brazil, I moved here when I was 16, and I did not speak English. In my first move to Florida, I knew I needed to figure all of that out, so I went to finish high school. It never occurred to me to go to college at all, but eventually, when I lived in New York, I did go to college."

Ms. Martin not only decided to go to school during this time, but credits her kids as her reason for taking her first paralegal course, which piqued her interest in becoming an attorney. 

"When I started college, I was already married, had one kid, and I was pregnant with my second kid. I had a final on a Saturday and a baby on Monday. I was going to community college, taking classes at night, and caring for my kids during the day. I thought: 'Get an associate's degree' and that was going to be it. Then, because of that baby, I ended up taking a paralegal class because the schedule fit with my due date. And I just, that's when I discovered the American legal system, and I thought was so interesting."

Following the conclusion of her Bachelor's and Juris Doctor, Carolina Martin spent some time in immigration law before settling into her current primary practice area, Workers' Compensation.  

"I initially started by doing immigration law, because it just seemed like an obvious fit. I speak three languages. I was like, 'Okay, that's it. You know, I've been through the process myself'. I thought that was a good idea.

It ended up being too emotionally taxing for me, being so close to the issue.

I got the first job I could get to get me out of that. And it was doing workers comp. When I started, the laws in Tennessee had just changed. They had just done a complete overhaul of the worker's comp statutes there, so even though I was just starting, I was on the same level playing field as people who had been practicing for 20+ years, because they were having to learn the law too. It was very interesting, I got to participate in making new case law since so many of the issues were novel issues under the new statutes."

Ms. Martin not only has been a difference-maker for QPWB but has been recognized as an adept problem solver throughout her whole career.  

"It came to a point that, whenever a case had something that nobody else in the office had ever seen or done, and stuff just needed to be figured out, the case was just assigned to me, because I liked figuring things out. I developed a reputation as a problem solver. Lots of very creative solutions. A lot of the time I was able to figure out how to resolve a case before even getting far into litigation."

Carolina concluded the interview with thoughts about the legal system and her place in it as a defense attorney.  

"The reason why I don't mind being a defense attorney is because we bring balance to the system overall. Being a defense attorney and representing the people being sued, you help balance out both sides. That way, it's fair for everybody, because the issue is not so much the money, the issue is, what happened, who was at fault? Are we going to be able to figure this out? That's the whole reason why we, both sides, look for proof and then present our cases."

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